batik resist

batik resist
batik rezerve

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  • Batik — (pronunciation: IPA| [ˈba.teʔ] , but often, in English, is IPA| [ˈbæ.tɪk] or IPA| [bəˈtiːk] ) is a wax resist dyeing technique used on textile. Batik is found in several countries of West Africa, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Mali, and in… …   Wikipedia

  • Resist dyeing — (resist dyeing) is a term for a number of traditional methods of dyeing textiles with patterns. Methods are used to resist or prevent the dye from reaching all the cloth, thereby creating a pattern and ground. The most common forms use wax, some… …   Wikipedia

  • batik — /beuh teek , bat ik/, n. 1. a technique of hand dyeing fabrics by using wax as a dye repellent to cover parts of a design, dyeing the uncovered fabric with a color or colors, and dissolving the wax in boiling water. 2. the fabric so decorated.… …   Universalium

  • resist-dye — transitive verb Etymology: resist (II) 1. : to print (a fabric) by repeatedly putting a resist on different parts of the pattern and placing the fabric in successive dye baths compare batik 2. : to cross dye (fabric) by weaving with an undyed… …   Useful english dictionary

  • resist printing — a fabric printing method in which a dye resistant substance is applied to certain specified areas of the material prior to immersion in a dye bath and subsequently removed so as to permit the original hue to act as a pattern against the colored… …   Universalium

  • batik —    A method of dyeing cloth which involves the use of removable wax to repel (resist) the dye on parts of the design where dye is not desired. Batik originated in Indonesia, where its production continues to thrive. (pr. b? TEEK) Also see beeswax …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • batik — 1. noun /bəˈtʰiːk/ A wax resist method of dyeing fabric. 2. verb /bəˈtʰiːk/ To dye fabric using the wax resist method …   Wiktionary

  • resist —    A substance which protects a surface from receiving paints, inks, or dyes. Waxes are commonly used as a resist to the dyes used in batik. Also see beeswax, blockout, clean up, lithography, paraffin, and solvent …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • batik — [ batɪk, bə ti:k] noun a method of producing coloured designs on textiles using wax to resist dye, originating in Java. Origin C19: from Javanese, lit. painted …   English new terms dictionary

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